Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wishing for Adult size

We know how awesome all of our furniture is. All those wonderful Hello Kitty items, the fabulous Paul Frank Julius stuff and our super-fun Missy Couture line (who can resist the Shoe Chair?), but sometimes, some of us adults who work at Dream Furniture, really wish we made these furnishing in adult size as well. Kids seem to be getting all the fun furniture.

However, we do have some older kids and young adult furnishings that make the transition from child to grown-up. Our transition bedroom collections—Wonderland, Broadway, Princess, and Galia Bedroom—are very beautiful, and, fortunately, are great for adults too.

Items, such as the Broadway writing desk would be perfect for any bedroom or even in a family area of the house. Any item in the Galia collection would work perfect for child or adult. Furnish a guest bedroom with this collection and you’ll be ready to host anybody, from small children to their grandparents.

Dream Furniture has worked really hard, not only to bring the best in small children’s furniture, but to bring together collections that the whole family will love. 


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  2. Why don't you make them in adult sizes? I'd love a HK living room set! I'm getting ready to open a cat sanctuary in my home and I thought it would be a hoot to decorate with HK - but I'm a full grown adult - I'd look silly trying to squeeze into a chair built for a 5 year old. So my question is, why don't you offer these pieces in adult sizes? It can't be because you're afraid they won't see, because HK is pretty popular - is it in your contract or something that it can only be made in children's sizes?